And how many, do you think, there are average users who would listen to all arguments, understand and refuse to get this chipset in favor of an alternative one? Or ignore completely, if you don’t intend to use it. And next to every other major cable connector, too, by the way. The gist of the situation, though, is as follows. Here’s Asus’ official warning. It’s not as bad as you might think, but it’s still pretty bad. This is not, by the way, a new-generation “Northwood” Pentium 4.

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An expert will anyway never buy the i Or hang about for DDR P4 boards. Fitting pins onto the bottom of a CPU package with an area of less than 1. You get a P4B and a 1. Ait the corner of the BW7, there’s sensibly laid out case switch and light headers, an on-board speaker here still covered with its board-wash protective stickera header bw77 a fourth USB port no cable and port assembly is provided; you have to buy it separatelypower and reset switches that mean you don’t have to connect the case switches at all if you’re playing with the board on a bench, and a two digit LED diagnostic display.

But I bet you still won’t want one of these things. People who read hardware sites have already read, over and over, that Athlons are generally better than P4s at the moment.

ABIT BW7 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 423 – i845

These tests aren’t realistic, though; many desktop computer tasks actually are quite insensitive to RAM performance, but they’re not completely oblivious to it. The layout is quite convenient. The BIOS is based on the v. In basic specifications, this is not an extraordinary motherboard.


This is normally just an annoyance, and not dangerous, because there are differently keyed AGP connectors for these different cards. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: If you find yourself needing a 2GHz P4 in three years, you should buy one then. An alarmingly solidly locked-down CPU cooler, if you ask me.

If said bww7 is firmly screwed into a PC case, then it ought to stay pretty straight, though you may hear the sound of fibreglass molecules screaming in agony.

If you’re buying now, though, bw AMD. There are some minor differences in the third row of text on the cores. The built in sound chipsets now wb7 well enough that, unless you want hardware accelerated positional audio, lots of ins and outs, or home theatre extras, there’s no reason to buy a sound card. Under the heat sinks on these motherboards are a couple of identical i chips. Both of which, coincidentally, I reviewed rather a while ago here. If you want to read the details, be my guest – the review here at Tom’s Hardware seems to be the pick of the crop.

They both allow you to build a P4 PC that costs substantially less than they used to, even before you take into account Intel’s recent large P4 price cuts. From early reports, 2. Here’s the stock Intel cooler that comes with the 1.


ABIT BW7-RAID drivers

Some discrepancy between the today’s tests and the last one abif 12 boards can be explained by usage of a newer version of the Detonators. Apparently there’ll be a Double Data Rate DDR memory incarnation of the i fairly soon – motherboards that use it should be out in the first quarter of I’m not sure what slogan motherboard manufacturers should use for their Pentium 4 mainboards that use this initial version of the i The soldering is of aibt quality, but there are some tiny drawbacks in the layout, for example, IDE Raid connectors are located behind the PCI slots – if full-sized expansion cards are inserted it is difficult to handle cables for these connectors.

It doesn’t clamp quite as hard as the Intel cooler, though. And if you do need one now, you can probably make do perfectly well with a cheaper Athlon. It just don’t got as many meega-hurts, man! A wave of angriness of users directed at the Intel’s policy let up. For tasks that don’t lean on RAM speed at all, the 1.

The space for the IDE Raid is also provided.