Output Power Maximum fluctuation in the output power. It does not participate in sending route broadcasts. Netmask The subnetwork associated with the destination. Innacomm – W Innacomm Firmware. Be sure the cable is plugged into both the VoIP Router and the corresponding device.

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Edimax – 3Gn Edimax Firmware. Conexant – Vulcan Conexant Firmware. Innacomm – Wv TM Firmware. Cisco – RV Cisco Firmware. Beachten Sie beim Anschlu an das Stromnetz die Anschluwerte. Aairties half-open fragmentation packet number from same host30 Maximum number of half-open fragmentation packets from the same host. Crypto – F Conexant Firmware. Crypto – F Crypto Firmware.

AirTies Wireless Networks Network Drivers Download

Parameter Defaults DescriptionFragmentation half-open wait10 sec Configures the number of seconds that a packet state structure remains active. Verify that your IP Address is now By adding your router I can create all the guides, screenshot databases and have your router work in my programs.


Output Power Maximum fluctuation in the output power. If your router is not listed on this site or in the programs I can add them! Actiontec – M Qwest v1 Firmware.

If you need to run applications that require multiple connections, use these screens to specify airtiew additional public ports to be opened for each application. Click Update Status to refresh the screen.

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Define the appropriate settings for a schedule rule. No special wiring or cooling requirements are needed. Belkin – F5D v4 Belkin Firmware. Billion – G Billion Firmware. Clear Click on this button to delete the access log.

Etisalat – e Etisalat Firmware. Netzkabel oder Netzstecker sind beschdigt. Caremo – XR Caremo Firmware. Aethra – SV Aethra Firmware.

AirTies WAV-140 Free Driver Download (Official)

Please follow the steps as described below for using PBC: If you still cannot isolate the problem, then the external power supply may be defective. Measure the distance of the two wall-mount holes. Parameter DescriptionCommunity A community name authorized for management access. Each wire pair must be attached to the RJ connectors in a specific orientation.


When hackers attempt to enter your network, we can alert you by e-mailEnter your email address. Cisco – M10 Cisco Firmware.

You should also remember to turn off the power, remove the power cord from the outlet, and keep your hands dry when you install the VoIP Router. If you check Enable and specify an IP address of 0. Belkin – F5D Belkin Firmware. Wenn das Gert deutliche Anzeichen eines Defektes aufweist.