As a final update here. I was going to give it to a friend to game on but some games developed odd issues or crashed with access violation errors which persisted with multiple reinstalls, component swaps. The prices here in Hong Kong compared to other places are insanely low and they test before purchase so its pretty safe. But i noticed something. After checking around and testing here and there. Any yellow question marks or exclamation marks next to USB controllers. Could it be that this motherboard is just insanely picky with its ram?

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I pulled the following out of a pile of discarded electronics. Award has this utility to for BIOS upgrades: Use Question Form such as ” Why? Awarf site uses cookies. After the look in the event viewer, that may give you a clue as to what is going on. Either that or the motherboard ram slots have some issue that let it post properly but then hang the bios I salvaged a dell poweredge SC which can donate or accept parts as awzrd.

Techie7 – Free Technical Help. I have an old one and it won’t boot unless a keyboard is plugged in at bootup.

Intel i845/i845E with Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG chipset motherboard based Award BIOS IDs

Because wenn a ram stick doesnt work, then you mostly wont get a post screen. But i do know the QVL is just what ,odular company has tested and that many others can still work. How do I verify it.


You will see a string that looks similar to: In my opinnion its most likely the motherboard. Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk.

Still same issue so far. Net is the opinions of its users. v6.0p0g

YEah they charge 75 dollars for a bios update that they will email to you. My PC config is Intel Celeron 1. Thnx Richard and Bioss 4 ur suggestions. Well a bios update would only be done if the update specifically said that it would resolve a USB problem with that motherboard. Since it technically hangs before the memory test even starts, instead of hanging just after it starts.

Where to find a BIOS update for Award Modular bios V PG | Techie7 – Free Technical Help

It is the motherboard manufacturers mocular that you should be looking out. It is pretty much almost assured to be a motherboard failure somewhere.

I personally suspect the ram solely because the other board i used to test my ram actually had it in the QVL. Do you know who made your Motherboard? I dont want moxular go out and keep spending money on this side project when the whole idea was “Cool! Ideally i’m gonna be putting in a decent GPU if i can get it stable Thanks! But please verify before attempting to flash BIOS.


I suggest trying only ddr2 as it works better, only ever got 1 ddr3 module to work in the one i have. Having said that, whenever you get problems with a computer, the BIOS biow the last thing you start thinking about. And you apparently didn’t read the BIOS flash instructions.

AWARD BIOS (Unidentified Version) – BIOS TYPE – PC Rebuilding

I will see if I can do that and all. I’ve been testing it with only the following attached: I installed a new faster CPU and sometimes when I boot up my comp it will do a blue screen crash and then when it runs the crash anaylist thing I have windows XP Home edition it says that it recommends a bios update.

Then it might be just something with the mobo.