One of these radars, located near Honolulu, detects Japanese planes approaching Pearl Harbor Wave guides greatly reduce the above limitations and provide some interesting advantages: Short Powerful Pulses The “pulse” radar set sends out a very short 0. The disadvantage is that the signal processor or the radar operator will eventually be able to distinguish the real target from the false targets based on its velocity. Even on displays miles wide, there is a very visible comet trail where the plane has been.

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This means that the secondary of the magnetron filament transformer, T2, is a negative 12KV with respect to the primary. A very practical question. Determining the most effective deception technique, or combination of techniques, can present a challenge to intelligence and engineering analysts. Go down that page until you find a picture of a?

To effectively generate false azimuth targets, the jammer must have a receiver with a wide dynamic range to detect both the main beam and the sidelobes. There was a timer over-ride circuit so that it could be used sooner in a “battle emergency”. To withstand this high voltage, the filament transformer must be heavily insulated, thereby making it bulky and expensive.

My copy is pretty dated but there’s probably a newer version of it by now. For various reasons, Nike tracking radars have the magnetrons and receivers in the rotating part of the antenna. Go to jamming for more information. A 25 minute Air Force movie about wave guides. The cosecant bars adjusted the shape. To achieve the high current electron beam densities at these powers, powerful magnets usually electromagnets surround the tube.


The little radar receivers used to detect police speed radar “guns” use other methods. The fire control computer is constantly updating this predicted impact point based on changes in target parameters. The Doppler noise jammer receives each pulse and applies a random frequency shift, either positive or negative, to each pulse.

Velocity gate pull-off counters pulse Wueel or CW radars by stealing the velocity gate of their automatic tracking loop.

This jamming pulse will generate a false error signal and drive the antenna away from the true target return. A tiny bit of the intense struggle. Antijamming circuit that limits width of echo pulse that receiver will pass.

Say equipment malfunction, including having Foe bullets through your IFF transponder receiver and transmitter?? The hydrogen gas in this big tube eltx-8560 violet when it was working.

If during an extreme manuver the aircraft accidently positions a flat surface towards the radar antenna, it will be seen as an extremely large but very short time duration signal, not likely to be seen again soon. The range gate is used as the primary gate for target selection.

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It raises the gain in the velocity tracking bins, thinking that the signal with the highest amplitude is the target. Effectiveness is also lost when the aircraft is abeam or going away from the radar.


IF Amplifiers are usually “stagger tuned” to provide rather even amplification over a limited range of frequencies “band pass” to allow rather sharp pulse edges to be passed. The echoes may be so intense as to make observation of the real target s difficult. Deception jamming is designed to take advantage of any weaknesses in either target tracking or impact point calculation to maximize the miss distance wheel the weapon or to prevent automatic tracking.

Cross-eye jamming attacks the two assumptions through a process of receiving and transmitting jamming pulses from different antennas separated as far apart as possible.

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The purpose of a TTR is to continuously update target range, azimuth, and velocity. When these jamming signals arrive at the victim radar, the tracking loop attempts to null out the amplitude elta8-560 phase differences.

To be effective, a deception jammer receives the victim radar signal, modifies this signal, and retransmits this altered signal back to the victim radar. The azimuth and elevation tracking loop for TWS radar is based on target signal amplitude modulation. Furthermore, at the higher frequencies the antenna sidelobe levels can be lower, making it elta-85600 difficult for sidelobe jamming.