After confirming the lamps in step 2 , press the B5-size sensor again. Skip to main content. Changing product identification 4. Is the scanner supported by the driver connected? Is your diver of SCSI board installed correctly?

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Business and Technology Solutions.

FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-7240

The fi has a built-in flatbed glass surface that is able to scan thin documents or thick books which are impossible to scan using an ADF fyjitsu. It is recommended that this security update be installed onto the network scanners. Our Scanner Story Our product quality and technological strength that has achieved 1st place in global market share stems from a definite foundation.

There is not any problem with WindowsNT 4.

scahner With Windows, it is reported that all FJ scanners have a problem when operating. DILL using 16 bit version are not found. Each package contains 5 carrier sheets. Skip to main content. After confirming the lamps in step 2press the B5-size sensor again.


Probable trouble at scanner connection. Is the terminator set properly?

Please check the followings. In addition, Paper Protection constantly checks along the whole document length during scanning and automatically stops paper feeding when error occurs to avoid any damage to the document.

These rollers separate documents as they are being fed into the scanner. Skip to main content. Activities Corporate Responsibility Environment Technology. Is the power cable of the scanner connected correctly and the scanner power turned on?

Attach the Black Document Pad to the flatbed to make scans with a black background. Is the scanner supported by the driver connected?

The transition status is recognized by the LEDs. Contacts Related links Sitemap. It is recommended that each carrier sheet be replaced after it has been used for scans.

FUJITSU Image Scanner – Fujitsu Global

Changing product identification 4. Our product quality and technological strength that has achieved 1st place in global market mm3096g stems from a definite foundation. The file has not been installed or have deleted. Business and Technology Solutions. This message appears when the driver can not receive answers from the scanner. Sensor location MGX Figure 2. Pick Roller PA Lifetime: We have no plan to support this problem, please use another board. SP Series scanners deliver simple operation and reliable performance for professional use.


If the lamps are not turned on or off as shown in Table 1, repeat this step. ScanSnap ScanSnap scanners provide mobile m3096b one-touch document imaging, perfect for the smaller organization. Open the ADF cover all the way. Is the option board of the scanner installed correctly? Carrier Sheets allow you to scan documents, photos or clippings larger than A4 size.