The experienced Digital Guys can advise on whether that’s a no no or not. Without the real amp drivers, you won’t be able to control the “software” type settings. I’ve got a Alesis 4-inout USB audio interface I normally use for acoustic guitar and vox recording using Garageband. What are the computer requirements for using Apogee interfaces on Windows machines? I guess we’ll find out But that’s a decent chunk of change getting there! Or at least nothing your ear can pick up.

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I hope this helps! Originally Posted by Chili. Personally, Garage band is painting by numbers – music by template. Note that some of these things aren’t, necessarily, related to price.

While researching interfaces I did come across this: With that you can determine how much of the direct input you hear vs. My interface is Steinberg UR Good luck with that GB setting!

ONE (iPad and Mac): Setup

So I plugged the Mac directly into the speaker, works. It’ll pay off in the long run anyway. If you don’t use direct monitoring, the DAW can compensate for the latency between the track, and the instrument track with the VI on it, but there will still be a delay between what I play, and what I hear if I have the VI on garaegband insert – even if I reduce the latency settings as much as possible. Cue Zephyr on January 15, AsloMar 12, It’s not much more than the MultiMix 4.


Garageband 10 latency

Without the real amp drivers, you won’t be able to control the “software” type settings. I say “generally” because none of the “pro-audio” software subsystems like Asio, Jack, or Coreaudio I think will normally let you use more than one device at a time. How much will depend on several factors like your computer’s power, how much buffering your system is set to use etc. Drag the installer into your Documents folder to unzip without issues. A couple of the gentlemen here have tried nudging you towards the answer that will give you the best results at a reasonable price.

I have the latest driver. I happen to have a DI box that I run into my interface as dry signal and through the DI into an amp for asjo. If you look at things like the Focusrite Scarlett, they have a direct monitor button, which switches between the direct aka dry input, and the signal being returned from the computer. Stereo tracks are typically used for stereo mic situations or if a keyboard has a stereo output. Line level or Mic level into the preamp and you’ll need the right cable.

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ASIO support? – Apple Community

Gradually bring the input level in Maestro up until you get a good level from your input source. To choose the WDM rate: You might have to play with the way it hands off. Also, make extra sure that you go Garagrband to the manufacturer’s website in this case, Steinberg’s website and download drivers only from them. I suppose I could lower the input level as much as possible and up the gain in the DAW so the dry signal is lower in the mix but it just seems such an obvious asoo not to have a simple fix.


Page created in 0. It’s been a while since I’ve needed to garagebaand it, but I think it will give you the buffer control settings and such that others have previously mentioned. Try adding Amplitube 3 and you’ll skip the amp altogether!

No, create an account now. And record the audio in the DAW dry with the monitoring turned off.

In Audacity, click input meters to start monitoring of the input. KPMar 27,