This is the normal mode for IBM arrays. Volume number exceeds the maximum configured volume number. The utility instructs RDAC to perform various maintenance tasks, but you can also use the utility to troubleshoot failover problems. Setting OS Default Value. Change the module and initrd names as follows:. Module Size Used by.

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Failover failed, unable to allocate memory. How do I remove unmapped or disconnected devices from the existing host? A failback scan will cause the RDAC driver to reattempt communications with any failed controllers.

The lsdev utility provides a map of your array LUNs to their Linux block devices. Unit Attention retry count exceeded.

Migrating the MPP/RDAC driver to the Linux DM-MP driver

I looked at my servers: The following values are possible:. These options can be combined with the logical or operator to provide multiple areas and levels of reporting as needed. The following values are possible: The following items are examples of failover driver controller events and path failover events:. In most of the cases, no change is required if the kernel version is the same.


Some example commands are: Note – The quotation marks must surround the parameters. The total number of paths to the storage array is the MaxPathsPerController value multiplied by the number of controllers.

Share this post Link to post. I have installed all hotfixes at this moment. Error trying to allocate data structures.

I noticed last week, that my storage reported multpahting errors, so I checked multipathing. The compiler and kernel source for the appropriate OS are installed. How can I see if volumes have been added? We are working on a fix.

Migrating the MPP/RDAC driver to the Linux DM-MP driver

Remove any earlier version drivers that are in this directory by running the make clean command:. Change ,pp the directory containing the unpacked files.

Type yes when you are prompted to continue:. And after I enable it XenServer 6. The resultant message and alarm will provide information about the fault, along with possible recovery instructions. Debug reporting is comprised of two segments. The files in this directory are labeled 0 through 9 or A through Z. When I uncheck the multipathing option in Xen Center, only one iscsi session is established to the storage and the mpp-rdac driver is not loaded like the dm driver, too!


For the MDi you’ll need to copy the section that has the correct configuration and change the product to MDi so that DMP will use that section for that specific device.

Re: [dm-devel] Multipath setup and rdac questions

A description of each parameter follows. This option only works if the RDAC driver has been compiled with debugging enabled. To verify the driver is installed, use the following command:. To use the mppUtil utility, type this command and press enter. Follow the on-screen instructions to modify the grub. Depending on the error and the amount of time that has elapsed, the request is retried to the current owning controller for the LUN or a failover is performed and the request sent to the alternate controller.